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Saidia Zaloski I'll put this simply, travel here. Hornby Island sits between British Columbia's mainland, and Vancouver Island. Getting there involves island hopping from Buckle Bay. Both ferries are short, the vibe is pleasing and as you progress on your trip you slowly kick into 'island time.' Unlike the rest of the Canadian Pacific shores,...

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Elope in B.C

Photographed by CliffHouse Photography. British Columbia is a perfect choice for an engagement or elopement. Lush with tall trees, cold seas, and mountains, B.C offers various scenic destinations that are private, cheap, and one-of-kind. 1. Botanical Beach, Port Renfrew - Imagine walking down this aisle. Many trails on Vancouver Island wind through temperate forests along the...

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Full of love: Dog Clinic in Wahgoshig, ON

“This is going to change this little reserve, and I’m really proud of those who are here to help,” expressed Wahgoshig local, Mimi Trembly. ‘Finding them homes – James Bay Pawsitive Rescue (FTH),’ are celebrating another successful Spay & Neuter clinic. Most recently in Wahgoshig, ON where they were able to provide top quality veterinary care to over 41 dogs. The event is made possible by a myriad of donations, and volunteers, providing free service to these hard to reach communities. “We (were) spaying and neutering all the dogs that are part of the Wahgoshig community,” Co-Founder of FTH, Lisa DeZoete expands, “We (cover) the cost for (the clinic) with the help from our veterinarians and vet technicians,”

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Recipe: Zucchini Flower Pasta

"An admirable woman in Conegliano, Veneto shared this recipe with me a couple years ago. Her family recently went through some health changes, and because of that, the Italian mother struggled to replace her dishes with Gluten-Free options. This one, I must say, she mastered. Celebrate your garden's blossoms with the delicious, light recipe from...

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A Soaked Portland

"The sun had set and the rain did not halt for a moment, however, Portland proved to be a fantastic photo opportunity." Photojournalist, Saidia Zaloski expands, "We criss-crossed streets, admiring local graffiti and merchants while we aimed to capture the district's renowned vibe." Luckily, I was not the driver. Max led me up and down...

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Proper West Coast Road Trip

"We packed up the jeep and traveled 2500 km+ south to Los Angeles then turned around to travel back another 2500 km back to Vancouver Island. Apps were tried and tested as we tried all means of accommodation down the coastal 101/1." Photojournalist, Saidia Zaloski The proper sun-soaked, west coast road-trip. Take too many photos,...

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5 things to know before you Au Pair

Saidia Zaloski, Photojournalist Agree to a work agreement Once your arrive at their home and have made enough small talk, begin to write out a work agreement between you two. Although I signed a work agreement with the office as an 'au pair', the mother of the first family that I stayed with had the...

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Vancouver: Neil Diamond in concert

Animal lover/ devout 90s' kid, Lianne Gee, reviews the Neil Diamond concert she attended last week in Vancouver, B.C. The comedic side of going to see Neil Diamond. Epic, hilarious, and entertaining. 1. The crowd is so old that going up a set of stairs takes 10 minutes filled with many "near falls". So old in fact...

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Mainland: A trip through the Rockies

"Travel through the colossal Rockies and remind yourself how small you really are." Photojournalist, Saidia Zaloski expands, "Similar to how the night is a reminder of our trivial parts, the same urge to enjoy life for what it is fizzes out of you as you curve through mountains." What apps we used Hotels: iphone app...

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How Au Pairing is painfully great

"Live in wine-coloured mansions, eat the best homemade Italian food and maybe get a wrench in the face. The knowledge of a second language is irrelevant, these families prefer you speak English when dealing with the children, but it's great to know a little Italian when the mother yells at you." Saidia Zaloski, Photojournalist Northern...

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Roasted Chicken Recipe

"Fill your home with the aroma of a slow-roasting chicken, garlic cloves, red onion. Perfect comfort food for a rainy day. This is a simple recipe which I hope you enjoy it as much I did creating it!" Photojournalist, Saidia Zaloski Simple Slow Roasted Chicken with rice and garlic Serves 2-4 Baste this baby every...

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